The Single Most Important Tip for Buying a Boat to Live Aboard Posted By : JC McDowell

There are lots of advice for living on a sailboat, but there is one tip that I have found to be profoundly true for every situation. No matter your Milwaukee skin tightening budget or your experience, for your first boat, buy the smallest, cheapest sea worthy vessel you can find! Follow this sage advice and you are well on your way to enjoying the many benefits of living aboard a boat.

Boats Posted By : Roberto Bell

Boats have been around for many centuries and were used primarily as means of transportation by many early civilizations. Different boat materials and Tbs networks boat building methods have been developed overtime to provide a more capable and useful types of boats.

First Time Yacht Buyer Posted By : Marinetrader

If youre a first-time yacht buyer the choice of used yachts available for purchase can be overwhelming. How do you make sense of all the models and styles out there?

The first time yacht buyer needs to avoid buying on emotion and take a hard look at what they intend on doing with the boat. Making the wrong choice will be a major disappointment in the long run and perhaps cost you thousands.